Tips on Sidemount Diving: Equipment Considerations

November 22, 2019

If you are into the latest news and trends for diving and keep up with new scuba innovations, you have probably noticed that divers are now starting to carry their cylinders on their sides rather than their backs. This new sidemount diving equipment turned out to be so popular. That diving manufacturers are now creating equipment, specifically designed to meet the needs of sidemount divers.

The recreational scuba community has found benefits regarding sidemount configurations. One significant advantage is that the weight of the scuba cylinders is off your back and can be carried through the water. The equipment is attached when in the water, and later removed when exiting the water.

Cylinder Options

Along with your diving adventures, you may find and encounter cylinders in different shapes and sizes. For sidemount diving, you must choose a cylinder that will suit you best. Some favor small steel cylinders as they are more portable. Some prefer aluminum 80s as they’re easy to travel with. If you’re the type that prioritizes gas availability, go for the larger steel cylinders.

Regulator Options

Finding the right regulator highly depends on the diver’s style of diving. Every diver has a brand they prefer when it comes to regulators. As second stage regulators are going to be delivering gas from both sides of the body, most divers find they’d rather route the hoses to the second stage, on the side of the body where the attached cylinders are placed.

Harness Options

The growing popularity of sidemount diving has created new innovative ideas from manufacturers who design and develop buoyancy compensators specifically focused on sidemount diving. BCD’s that consist of rigs specifically designed for sidemount diving, another for various types of diving and lastly, a traditional plate and wing which works for any kind of diving.

This growing trend has provided value to all types of divers and has been supported by the industry. Take your time to try the new equipment and remember, this should support your current need to enjoy your time underwater.

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