Teaching Scuba Diving in Bali

April 26, 2020

Teaching Scuba Diving in Bali is the best decision I have ever made. I have the best job in the world!! Believe me when I say I am living the dream.

Teaching new students can be very challenging but great fun!! It is so important to make sure they become confident to do all the skills that I have to teach them. Remember – always SAFETY FIRST! As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, I am teaching from Discover Scuba Diving class to Master Scuba Diver level. Every level has different challenges but teaching student divers is always fun despite improving my own skills in terms of teaching and diving.

Diving in Bali is always fun

Another amazing experience when teaching students is diving in open water. That means we dive in the sea – a truly memorable diving experience for my students. Whilst some of my students will feel nervous or scared, once they enter the water and spend some underwater, they will love it.

“Wow! That was so amazing. Thanks Jeff for making me feel comfortable while diving and I can enjoy all the amazing sights ! That was something that I can’t see on land or snorkeling. The fish are colorful. Have you seen that bright blue color fish? They are so beautiful”

“That angelfish looks funny with their long mouth and amazing black and white stripes on their body. Beautiful!”

“Have you seen that big turtle? It was hugeee!!!”

“So amazing!!! That was my first time ever being so close to a gigantic Manta Ray. They look so huge and the way they swim is just like seeing big black and white birds flying in the sky. But this time, I feel that I am flying together with them. Thank you, Jeff.”

One of the greatest achievements for me personally is to see the faces of my students as they experience their new underwater world and hearing their comments when they surface.  I am always amazed and full of joy to listen to students after their first dives.

Making new friends

Without doubt when teaching scuba diving, I will meet new people who come from many parts of the world and we form friendships. People from all over the world come to Bali to learn scuba diving and we learn so much about each other’s lives and cultures….. yet another benefit of learning to scuba dive.

Sight seeing

Whenever there is a dive trip, immediately, my new friends will be amazed by the views that they will experience. The journey to the dive sites is always interesting. There are lots of beautiful places in Bali that they will see.

The places that they will experience include the view of the rice fields. Depending on when they visit Bali, sometimes they will see a beautiful green view of the rice field and sometimes it will be yellow.

The other amazing experience for them is a view of active volcano in Bali. The volcano is called Mount Agung. The view of the volcano varies from time to time. They will see a beautiful view of the full shape of the volcano on the sunny day with blue sky and sometimes the top of the volcano will be covered with clouds.

Keep Scuba Diving and stay safe

“Okay, now you are certified as a diver. The other thing that I can advise you to do is keep diving and stay safe. Where ever you go for your diving trip, make sure bear in mind, ‘Safety First’.Okay? Dive whenever you feel safe and abort your dive when you do not feel safe.”

“Keep diving Andrew. That’s the only way you can improve your skills. You said you want to dive like I do, yes? So, keep diving and practice your skills. Every dive you do, you will improve your skills. Trust me.”

This is some of the advice that I always tell my students. It’s true that to master the skills, you need to keep practicing. How? Get wet and hit the water. Go dive when ever you want and can. Don’t let your skills wear out.

The other ways for you to improve your skills is to take other courses so you can continue your increase the level of your diving certification. There are lots of courses that you can take such as Advance Open Water Diver. In this course you will learn other skills to improve your diving experience. You will also experience dives to a depth of up to 30 meters. There are different views and different feeling you will get. But, if you want to go deeper which is maximum deep for scuba dive, you can take Deep Diver specialty. This course enable you to dive up to 40 meters deep.

There are lots of choices and specialty courses that you can choose with Alpha World Diving Bali. Every course will help you to improve your diving skills.d

Lastly, keep Scuba Diving, be safe, and have fun. Happy bubbles everyone!



Jefry Isahak #PADI MSDT-433360

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