Reasons Why You Should Dive in Bali

July 24, 2019

Besides the natural beauties of Bali’s culture, traditions and scenery on top of the island, the depths of the Balinese seas also present the islands’ hidden underwater beauty for you to discover. The excellent diving sites each are unique and have something special easily reached by divers of all skill levels. Luckily, these best diving excellent visibility for most of the year. Rain or shine, there are dive sites to explore in Bali!

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Why You Should Dive in Bali | Alpha World Diving

Shore to Shipwreck

Prepare to discover shipwrecks dating back to World War II, Balinese temples and statues blending with sea beds and tropical fish. Rare species can even be found in the best dive sites of the island including oceanic sunfish, sea turtles, reef sharks, and giant manta rays!

Awesome Muck Diving

For you who are into the new trend of muck diving, Indonesia, including Bali, is renowned as the world’s best location for muck diving. Puri Jati is a spot located in the north of Bali which has all the places for divers who like to search for mimic octopus, wonderpus and robust ghost pipefish. Also found in the famous Tulamben region, Seraya Secrets boasts a dense and diverse micro critter as it is the base of the Agung volcano.

Kingdom of Corals

The town of Padang Bai, known to be a ferry port, also holds astounding numbers of invertebrate diversity of hard and soft corals and variety of gorgonians, table corals, coral bommies and staghorn corals. Hundreds of fish species in all sizes can be observed, including many species of clownfish, moray eels, frogfish and sharks. Diving in Padang Bai is a special experience.

Being in Bali is about relaxation! There are many things to do after your diving trip, including Balinese massages, spas, wellness treatments and other things you can do after a long day of diving. Alpha World Diving situates in the heart of Sanur that provides daily trips in the best destinations around Bali. Complete with quality equipment and professional service for an incredible experience!


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