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Welcome to the islands of God.

From magnificent mountains to sandy beaches to prestige ocean, Bali offers a variety of dive sites with crystal clear waters and beautiful corals. It is also home to the majestic Manta Rays and iconic Mola-Mola. For those of you who loves to dive and snorkeling, the Bali sea is the right choose for your holiday destination.

You will be greeted by world-class dive sites, being guided by our professional and friendly PADI Instructors to ensure your diving trips fun and safe.

If you want to learn scuba diving, this is where it starts. Get your scuba diving certification with PADI Open Water Diver course. The worlds most respected and widely recognized scuba diving course. Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and discover the wonders of the underwater world.

The Summer Holidays Sale starts from May - June 2019, you will get discount 20% off for any day trips and PADI diving course. Your booking will valid until Dec 2019.

ProductsDescriptionsPublish Price Promotion Price 
Day TripTulamben1,850,0001,480,000
Day TripNusa Penida2,750,0002,200,000
Day TripPadang Bai1,850,0001,480,000
Day TripAmed1,850,0001,480,000
Day TripMenjangan3,000,0002,400,000
Day TripGili Tepekong2,750,0002,200,000
CourseDiscover Scuba Diving - Tulamben1,850,0001,480,000
CourseDiscover Scuba Diving - Padang Bai1,850,0001,480,000
CourseDiscover Scuba Diving - Nusa Penida2,750,0002,200,000
CourseOpen Water Diver6,800,0005,440,000
CourseAdvance Open Water Diver5,800,0004,640,000
CourseRescue Diver7,700,0006,160,000
SpecialtyEnriched Air Diver2,300,0001,840,000
SpecialtyDeep Diver5,000,0004,000,000
SpecialtyNight Diver5,200,0004,160,000
SpecialtyWreck Diver4,800,0003,840,000
SpecialtySidemount Diver6,000,0004,800,000

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