PADI Open Water Courses in Bali

August 9, 2019

Want to explore the world’s depths and become a PADI diver? Take part in your PADI Open Water course! It is the first diving level that will give you certification and recognition all over the world. PADI Open Water is the world’s most popular diving course designed for first-time divers or for those who are not yet certified but have done the “try diving”.

In a secure and safe environment, you’ll be under the supervision of an instructor that will teach you both theory and practical knowledge to become a competent diver. PADI Open Water Courses is an essential step if you wish to explore the underwater oceans.

Here are the reasons you should take the PADI Open Water course:

Increase Your Confidence Underwater

Your instructor will encourage you to build your confidence underwater and teach you all the knowledge and essential scuba diving skills and environmental awareness.

Dive Wherever You Want!

Most diving sites require minimum levels for diving due to the conditions found in that location. Such as currents, swell, visibility and depth. The PADI Open Water Course will teach you how to handle these conditions and get you prepared for the different kinds of underwater terrains.

Discovering New Worlds

PADI Open Water Courses presents 4-day training sessions where you will learn to use standard diving equipment with the necessary diving skills, you’ll need to get you ready to explore the world’s depths. The first day will be dedicated to you for a self-study. Followed by the start of the course in the next morning with a PADI instructor where you will review five modules on diving theories and practices with a final exam in the end. In the same day later in the afternoon, you will get the chance to practice basic safety and diving skills in the pool. Finally, on day 3 and 4 will get you to practice entirely in the open ocean in different diving locations around Bali.

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