Keep Calm in the Water When Scuba Diving in Nusa Lembongan

January 31, 2020


Diving into the depths the first time can be a quite thrilling experience, as our oceans seem like an alien planet for those who have little experience in the depths itself. Staying calm in the water is essential for divers. Techniques such as relaxation and breathing can help to improve your stamina, fitness and meditation are needed to fully explore the oceans including Lembongan’s underwater secrets.

meditation and diving


The right breathing exercises and techniques are the secret to regaining calmness underwater. For scuba diving, breathing is also a major consideration. It’s important to keep your breathing consistent during scuba dives. You must never hold your breath during a dive and your partner will make sure you’re always making bubbles.


Relaxation is an important part of any situation. When it comes to scuba diving, relaxation plays a major role in keeping you calm and moving slowly underwater. A calm and relaxed mind increases comfort and results in a long time underwater, as your air will last longer.

Fitness and stamina

Daily exercise can help develop core muscles and increase your stamina. Obviously, there’s a lot of swimming going on in scuba diving, which is a great way to improve your fitness. Using fins can improve your leg muscles, maintain leg and hip joints and tone core muscles.


Stress can harm you, both physically and mentally and it disrupts your calmness. It is the last thing you want to have while diving! One form of stress reliever is meditating, though it can be challenging to do successfully. Clearing your mind can be easier underwater as there are no phones, televisions, chores or distractions.  All that lies in front of you is the stunning beauty of Lembongan’s ocean! Other than reducing stress, meditation also helps to improve concentration and your heart rate.

Here are our tips to stay calm in Lembongan’s waters. Contact Alpha Diving for courses available for beginners and professionals. Give us a call if you wish to dive Lembongan or take the next level PADI course to become a more experienced, calmer diver.


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