Good Buoyancy during Scuba Diving

June 21, 2020

Have do you wonder how to improve on buoyancy while Scuba Diving? Do you feel that you are often touching the bottom while your instructor appears to glide, relaxed and steady not using their fin as much? How does your instructor do that? Do you need extra training?

Good Buoyancy

In your open water class, your instructor have taught you how to perform neutral buoyancy while scuba diving. He also showed you how to adjust your buoyancy if you are over or less weighted. You also need to perform this skill both in the pool and open water. However, to master your buoyancy you need to practice, practice and more practice.

1. Protect the coral reefs

As a scuba diver we are aware of the incredible beauty and importance of coral reef for our underwater ecosystem. We have learned about marine life and about the ways that people depend on the ocean and coral reefs. However, we also have seen that lots of divers have broken coral which has a devastating impact to the coral reefs. It is quite worrying when things like this happen to our reefs. To avoid destroying the coral reef, you will need to have a good buoyancy to stay the reefs without touching the bottom.

2. Longer bottom time

Having good buoyancy means you will have longer bottom time. At the same time, you will improve your air consumption and use less energy. That means you will have more enjoyable and fun dives.

3. Preserving the visibility

Good buoyancy will help you to stay off the seabed. It will also prevent you from stirring up any sand or sediment. I am sure that every diver would not want to spoil their visibility and ruin the dive for themselves and their dive buddies.

4. Safety

Poor buoyancy may lead us to touch objects or marine life that may injure us such us sharp rusty edges of the shipwreck, sea urchins or fire coral. Major buoyancy control issues also can lead you to make an uncontrolled rapid ascent which is increasing the risk of decompression sickness.

Check out our Dive center webpage for more information about courses and day trips to improve your buoyancy skills.


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