Enjoy a Liveaboard Diving Adventure in Komodo

December 6, 2019

Komodo National Park is without doubt an excellent diving experience, filled with some of the most abundant marine life in the world. However, some dive spots aren’t suitable for beginners due to the harsh currents, and we recommend you have some experience beforehand. Besides some excellent diving, the liveaboard trips will also allow you to visit the islands and say hello to the residential Komodo dragons.

Best Time to Go Diving

Komodo Diving Liveaboard

One of the most important decisions you’ll make on a liveaboard trip is deciding when to go. Make sure and double-check your schedule before you travel. The best season is between March and October, so make sure you save the dates! However, the best visibility is from November to January, when you’ll have a clear view for 30 meters! While the best time to spot manta rays is from December to February where you can swim along with 10 manta rays at a time! For the mola-mola fish, the best time is in August.


Safety Diving

The waters of Komodo are known to have some strong currents, it really depends on the site’s weather and water conditions. Your liveaboard crew should be experienced at reading these conditions and find the right diving spot accordingly. Always listen to your dive master’s advice on the water patterns and the currents. We recommend you have a neon dive flag or collapsible pole stored in your BC pocket at all times, in case the currents are strong enough to sweep you away.

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