Category: Bali Dive Sites

October 31, 2019

Wreck Dive Sites in Bali You Should Visit

Whether you’re always hungry for some decent wreck diving or just want to give it a try, Bali provides no shortage of wreck dives, suitable for all levels. From majestic World War II army transport ships to smaller recreational boats, it’s all waiting for you to discover! Here are the top picks of Bali wrecks...

September 1, 2019

Best Mola-Mola Season in Bali

The Mola-Mola or Ocean Sunfish can mostly be found in Nusa Penida. These weird but beautiful creatures are a major attraction for scuba divers in Bali. Mola-Mola can weigh up to 1000kg, which is considered the world’s most massive bony fish, and can produce over 300 million eggs. Their dorsal fins can reach up to...